Turnab is a subcontractor, our clients outsource parts of their production for us to take care of. Our Technology Centre is processing in CNC components, the components can be in all kinds of material that have a high standard of quality. Thanks to our Business Centre´s network can Turnab offer tailored solutions that is custom made to fit just for you. The Logistic Centre make sure that the products make it to right place in right time, or make sure to store the goods until the client is in need of it.


"Cater for needs with the help of solutions that’s simplifies the process of our clients, meanwhile creating a nice and pleasant workplace.”

See how we solves these solutions with the help of our:



1997 a mechanical shop with the name Turnab AB was established in the small town of Reftele. This is located in the region of Gnosjö. Ever since the start have Turnab been a subcontractor with in the manufacture industry.

Turnab was founded by Fredrik Nordin and Janne Lönnberg who worked with in retail but both dreamed about something else.


In the year of 2001, we changed our location and moved 300 meters down the road

The new facilities were moved from Stockholm to Reftele and have been through changes during the decade.

In the year of 2017 a new warehouse was attached to the Technology Centre and was named Logistic Centre. Even the Business Centre got a new building in 2017.



Founded: 1997

revenue: 19 MSEK

CEO: Janne Lönnberg

Employees: 12



Jättevägen 8, 333 03, Reftele


+46 371 210 60




 Jättevägen 8, Box 79, Reftele, Gislaveds kommun 333 03 | +46 371 210 60