The Logistic Centre have its own department of 2000 cubic square metres inside of Turnab HQ. The Business Centre have the contacts and decide who is doing what, while the Logistic Centre decide what is what is going where. This makes the Logistic Centre´s task to make sure everything is in the right place in the right time. If the Technology Centre is processing a component that needs to be surface treated, then it´s up to the Logistic Centre to make sure that the product gets the treatment before it reaches the customer.



Our warehouse makes it possible for us to cut prices. We can manufacture larger volumes then what is asked for and keep the excess components in stock until our clients is need of it. Since we produce larger amount of parts that is asked for, our clients don’t need to pay extra fees like set cost. Another advantage for you to have components in stock is that you decrease the delivery time with weeks since its already produced and just waiting to be delivered.   


The packaging process can go two ways; If you have a desired way you want it packaged, we make sure to deliver it that way, otherwise we package it in the best way to decrease distribution costs.



Thanks to our cutter we eliminate one process from our subcontractors which is affecting the price positively for our clients. It´s not only the price that is affected by having your own cutter in house, we can custom cut our material to fit our client’s blueprint and our machines in the best way.


Since the Logistic Centre´s task is to make sure that the orders make it in time to the right place, distribution is an important factor. If the shipping address is located close to Turnab HQ we deliver ourselves, otherwise we use a haulage contractor.

We believe that the knowledge within the GGVV-region is great and therefore our partners we work with is located in the same area us ourselves. This creates several advantages; production times decreases and prices will be affected positively




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