We always try to develop and find new solutions  at Turnab. The RND department's assignment is to help our clients improve their products, but also to cooperate with schools and institutes around the world.


Thanks to the knowledge with in our organisation, through our Technology Centre we can offer development of our clients product. These kind of consultations  can be:

  • Material advice
  • Change of drawings 
  • Finesse
  • Development of products

If our clients is stuck in development, they can contact us and we will find a solution together. We can consult with you to make the current product cheaper by decrees lead times or use a more efficient processes.



In the beginning of 2020 4 guys from Linköping University made a case about developing the organisation around Turnab. Admir, Vidar, Felix and Philip analyzed Turnab from an economical and technical perspective. Their mission was to come up with proposed action that could be implemented into the organisation. 

In the spring of 2020 we had an intern from the industrial program at high school of Gislaved. Rajab practiced at our Technology Centre where he learned what it takes to become a CNC-operator.

Through the years we have collaborate with University of Halmstad through different projects and interns. International marketing is the program that the students we worked with have came from. The students have made marketing plan cases and had internship at Turnab. 

" We see it as a development for both Turnab and the schools to use these collaborations. Turnab helps these students to get in touch with the business environment and learn new things. Turnab can use these inspired people new way of thinking outside the box."




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