Want to work with us?

You like challenges and to develop?  Then youhave found your match!

Turnab is a small family business, which have its pros and cons. Its important for us that we come to work everyday.

There is many different titels and responsibilities in all kind of businesses. Many of these titels is fatal for an organisation. The smaller the company is the more titels for every employee. This means that every singel of us employees who work at Turnab have to take responsibilities for our actions. 

So whats the pros with a smaller business?

Great responsibility don't automatically translate into something negative. A job with variation makes us develop and to get inspired.

Here at Turnab we see every singel individual. We all have needs, the smaller the organisation is the easier it is to feed that need.  It's also easier to make trips and activities, which create fellowship.

At Turnab we don't see each other as colleagues, we are team mates.



The most common typ of job we have at Turnab is aCNC-operator

The most important characteristics of an CNC-operator

  • Enjoying machines, computers and the mechanical shop environment 
  • Patience and the ability to solve problems  
  • Normal knowledge of math and the capability to think logical 
  • Team player that can cooperate with others
  • Responsible and calm


A CNC-operator's task is to operate the machines in the way that the components have the right dimensions.

At Turnab each singel individual is responsible for several lathes at the same time, although other team mates have the same responsible for the same machine. This minimize the human factor, but also is the reason why we need to work as a team and cooperate. 

At the moment we are not hiring although, we are always looking for proficient employees, since we always in a direction to develop. Turnab as a company have high demand from its customers to deliver quality and consistency, therefore we expect the same from our employees. We are always on the look for people that are motivated, self-propelled, is not afraid of taking responsible in making decisions and think outside the box.

Send us your information with CV and personal letter to kontakt@turnab.se





Jättevägen 8, Box 79, Reftele, Gislaveds kommun 333 03 | +46 371 210 60